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Screenshots of AutoRun Typhoon

Interface Menu Templates Buttons
Using AutoRun Typhoon is easy and painless, the interface is intuitive and our unique help system is always right where you need it. There are dozens of unique Menu Templates to choose from, each with a different style to suit your needs. It's easy to change a template to your preferences, or to create a template of your own and add it to the template library. Over 180 different buttons styles come with AutoRun Typhoon. All buttons are resizable, you can use any font you like and it will appear exactly the same on any OS, from Windows 95 to Vista.

Menu Backgrounds

Creating Menus in AutoRun Typhoon is easy. You can use one of our stock Menu Templates or create a Menu from scratch.

When creating a Menu from scratch you have several options for your Menu background. You can use the Windows default color, a color of your choice, or a gradient. With a gradient you can choose the color and intensity as shown in the image below.

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A simple gradient background

You may also use an Image for the background of your Menu. We include over 100 stock backgrounds and images for you to use in your projects royalty free, or you can use an image of your own.

Display an image for the menu background

If you want a Menu background that is unique, you can use our custom pattern generator to generate a pattern for you. We have several stock patterns or you can create a pattern of your own and add it to the pattern library.

Create your own unique patterns for menu backgrounds

Menu Templates

Below are just some of the dozens of stock Menu Templates included in AutoRun Typhoon. You can also create your own templates and add them to the template library.

retro template

green bright template

xp style template in blue

business template

business template in orange

electonica template

green business template

winter holiday template

rust template

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