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Screenshots of AutoRun Typhoon

Interface Menu Templates Buttons
Using AutoRun Typhoon is easy and painless, the interface is intuitive and our unique help system is always right where you need it. There are dozens of unique Menu Templates to choose from, each with a different style to suit your needs. It's easy to change a template to your preferences, or to create a template of your own and add it to the template library. Over 180 different buttons styles come with AutoRun Typhoon. All buttons are resizable, you can use any font you like and it will appear exactly the same on any OS, from Windows 95 to Vista.

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

One of the easiest ways to add functionality to your Menus is through Buttons. When the user clicks on a Button you can specify an Action (such as Open a Document, Open a Sub-Menu, etc) to take place. In fact you can specify up to 10 Actions to take place when a Button is clicked.

AutoRun Typhoon includes over 180 different stock Button styles for you to choose from, and some of these styles are shown below:

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A collage of button styles

Creating your own Buttons

Creating new Buttons is easy, just select the images you want to use (idle, mouse over, and mouse click). You can even provide sound effects for your Button. When finished press the "Save this Style" button to add your new Button to the library.

Button Setings, create or alter your buttons here

Adjusting Buttons

One of the Button styles included is the "XP" style Button, which allows you to alter the properties of the Button to create new styles with minimal effort. All of the Buttons shown below are the same "XP" style with different settings.

Altering an existing button style - xp style

List Boxes and DropDown Boxes

Buttons aren't the only way to launch Actions in AutoRun Typhoon. You can also use List Boxes and DropDown Boxes to add the same functionality of Button, in a more space efficient manner.

List Boxes and DropDown Boxes are another choice

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