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Screenshots of AutoRun Typhoon

Interface Menu Templates Buttons
Using AutoRun Typhoon is easy and painless, the interface is intuitive and our unique help system is always right where you need it. There are dozens of unique Menu Templates to choose from, each with a different style to suit your needs. It's easy to change a template to your preferences, or to create a template of your own and add it to the template library. Over 180 different buttons styles come with AutoRun Typhoon. All buttons are resizable, you can use any font you like and it will appear exactly the same on any OS, from Windows 95 to Vista.

1) AutoRun Typhoon 4

Create amazing Menus with AutoRun Typhoon. Open documents and web pages, play videos, music and slide shows, anything you can think of! When you're done AutoRun Typhoon will burn your project to CD/DVD for you.

No programming or special skills are required to use AutoRun Typhoon. All you need is an idea and a mouse!

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The main interface to AutoRun Typhoon

2) Templates and Stock Images

AutoRun Typhoon comes with 180 button styles, 110 stock background images and dozens of Menu templates, help you create your projects quickly and easily. You can also create your own templates and button styles with the click of a mouse.

Choosing templates and buttons style is easy

3) Adjusting Menu Objects

Each of the 12 Menu Objects in AutoRun Typhoon has it's own Settings window. Simply double-click on an object and the Settings window will pop up, allowing you to edit your object and see the changes in real-time.

Menu object settings windows, each object has it's own settings

4) Action Settings

With AutoRun Typhoon you have full control, even when just opening a web page! Adjust the properties of each Action easily. Click on the Help icons for tips and information, they're located everywhere!

Each Action has it's own settings

5) Protect your Project

If your project contains sensitive material AutoRun Typhoon will protect it. You can choose to protect any Action in your project and the files will be hidden on the CD in an encrypted archive. You can also ask the user to pass authorization before your project is begun and your protected files are extracted.

Protect your project with a serial number or more

6) Finish your Project

When you are ready to finish your project AutoRun Typhoon will burn it to CD/DVD for you! No need to worry about which files to burn, or complicated settings, AutoRun Typhoon takes care of all of this for you. You also have the choice of compressing your project into a single self-extracting EXE file.

Burn your project to CD/DVD or create a compressed EXE

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