Starburn DLL errors

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Starburn DLL errors

Postby Typhoon Software » Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:07 pm

For most users this isn't a problem but depending on how your computer is set up you may run into problems.

If you are having trouble with the "Error creating the StarBurnX component" then you can follow these steps to fix the problem:

1) Log in as Admin. Make sure that when you install, register and run AutoRun for the first time that you are logged in as admin. This is in order to register the DLLs required to burn to CD/DVD.

2) Still not working. Try registering the DLLs yourself. Using the Command Prompt navigate to the AutoRun Typhoon program folder. This is likely:
"C:\Program Files\Typhoon Software\AutoRun Typhoon 4"

Then type:

regsvr32.exe starburnx.dll

or for 64 bit systems:

regsvr64.exe starburnx.dll

3) Still not working then there is one last alternative, follow the instructions located here:

and here is the file you'll need:
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