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Deliver Professional Results
Your projects and presentations will look more professional and function better if you use AutoRun Typhoon. When presenting your documents and digital media to your clients you need software that you can rely on. There is simply no easier way to enhance your CD/DVDs. Deliver professonal results

Create Stunning Menus
The sky is the limit when creating your custom Menus. Only AutoRun Typhoon allows you to place Web Pages, Videos, SlideShows, and Flash Animations on your Menus, along with images, text, and buttons to create truly dynamic presentations. Designing your Menus is easy with our drag-and-drop WYSIWYG Menu editor - no programming required! Many professional menu templates included
 AutoRun Typhoon
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What is Autoplay?
Failsafe Program Guide
More than just Menus
Most CD Menu software is just that, menus only. With AutoRun Typhoon, Menus are just 1 of 10 powerful Actions you can use. Create slideshows with your own images and music, create MP3 music CDs that play with your own customized media player, install your software on your customer's computer, create your own shareware CD's protected with security and expiration dates, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless! More than menus, add security and do more

Download the Trial Version for Free!
The Trial Version of AutoRun Typhoon will allow you to test all our features and functionality before purchasing. Download the free Trial Version of AutoRun Typhoon to your computer by clicking here. With our exclusive inline help system, forums and customer support, help is always right around the corner. The Trial version is free, so test it out
Complete Feature List

AutoRun Typhoon Features

- Fast and Friendly support - the best in the industry at no charge
- Works on all Operating Systems - Windows 95 / 98 / 98 SE / NT 4.0 / ME / 2000 / XP / XP 64 bit / 2003 / Vista
- Project Templates included to help you start your project
- In-line Help system located throughout the program
- Backwards compatible - open version 3.x.x projects
- Point and click - no programming or scripting required
- Full WYSIWYG Menu designer
- Burns your project to CD / DVD - no other software needed
     - Preview your Project before burning to CD / DVD
- Compress your project into a single EXE - easy to share
- Failsafe Program - ensure your audience can view your project files by installing software if needed
- Low price - Our software is more powerful and at a fraction of other AutoRun software prices
- 10 Actions available to your project:
     - Open a Document
     - Open a Menu
     - Display an Image (Splash Screen)
     - Open a Folder
     - Open a Web Page
     - Play a SlideShow of Images
     - Play a Flash (SWF) file - standalone player, no software needed
     - Play Videos
     - Play Music
     - Extract a Zip file to the user's computer and create shortcuts

Create Powerful and Dynamic Menus

- Dozens of unique Menu Templates ready for use
- Create your own templates and save them for later use
- Hundreds of stock backgrounds and images
- Generate your own Menu background custom patterns
- Over 180 stock Button Styles to choose from
- Create and save your own Button Styles for later use
- 12 objects to choose from when creating your Menu
     - Button *
     - Text Label
     - Image
     - Text Box
     - Drop-down Box *
     - List Box *
     - Flash Animation
     - Web Page
     - Music Player
     - SlideShow
     - Videos
     - Volume Control
     * = Can open Actions when clicked on or selected (eg. Open a Document, Pause Video, etc)

Project Options

- Change the project icon (used for project EXE files and Windows Explorer)
- Minimize other windows when project is running
- Hide Task Bar
- Display Background Color behind project
- Display Background Image behind project
- Play Background Music while project is running


- Protect each Actions files by placing them in a secure archive
- 3 kinds of Project Security (which must be passed before protected files are extracted from archive)
     - End User License Agreement
     - Username / Password combination
     - Serial Number
- Project Expiry Date - create Trial Versions of your projects

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